Friday, December 13, 2013

Tracing the Success of Expert in Food Service and Restaurant Business

Surviving in the Jungle

Everyone involved in the food service and restaurant business knows that the process of starting and building a successful restaurant is a challenging undertaking, with a high incidence of failure. There are many hurdles to clear before a new dining establishment can be considered a stable new business.

However, Rick Schaden CEO of Consumer Capital Partners, seems to have figured out the secrets to the formula. In his role as founder and current leader of CCP, he has been involved in the successful launch of several new dining concepts. Just one example of such a restaurant is Toms Urban 24, located in Denver on the popular Larimer Square.

This launch showed all the hallmarks of projects fortunate enough to have Schaden’s involvement. When the restaurant entered the market in 2012, it garnered a favorable review in the local publication 5280: The Denver Magazine. Tom Ryan is the on-site manager for the restaurant and oversees its unique positioning as a quality restaurant offering 24 hour service for local food and cocktails. Schaden, however, maintains a close involvement with the new restaurant, a signature of his investment style.

Other restaurant successes include Smashburgers, with over 200 locations and Live Basil Restaurants. The Smashburger operation is now global and 2012 alone saw the addition of 50 corporate and franchisee-owned locations. The projections for 2013 are for a 30 percent increase in the number of units operated or franchised. The basic idea of the chain is to offer customers premium hamburgers smashed to their personal desires. Aside from profitable growth at a very impressive rate, the company continues to receive recognition and awards for the number of jobs it creates, the quality of its food, and the chain’s popularity.

Schaden is also a partner in FrontRange Property Partners, a group that invests in communities across the nation, focusing on multifamily real estate and commercial properties.

More than Profits

As a successful entrepreneur, Schaden has been recognized for a number of his activities and investments, including those in cycling. He was involved in the founding of the USA Pro Challenge, a well-respected stage race that uses the grueling Colorado landscape and mountains as a challenge for world-class competitors. Although this race was only founded in 2011, it is already viewed as the top event in the United States for stage racing.
Schaden also speaks at numerous conferences on topics of entrepreneurial interest and job creation. He is often cited as a source for responsible entrepreneurship that creates profitable companies, quality jobs, and maintains active community involvement. Many follow his efforts to watch for his next move, particularly in the restaurant world.

The entrepreneurial flair was shown early by Schaden, even while a student at the University of Colorado. He has remained in the community and is actively involved in numerous local charitable organizations as a board member and financial supporter. He founded CCP in 2006 and continues to scout out unique dining concepts and venues.

Such successes were factors in Shaden’s invitation to participate in the White House Conference on Small Business which President Bill Clinton assembled. His efforts in supporting what are considered underserved communities also gained him recognition from the California Legislature with a special award. Other such activities supported by Schaden include America’s Road Home, UNICEF, CARE, Smart-Girls, and a number of other such organizations.